Kadaa Al Koura




In the Ottoman time, a group of Christianity was living this village known by Nawous town, where its people were immigrated because of oppression. (Review the statistics of the Crescent's government existing in the Arabic book "Research in the history of the North Lebanon in Ottoman time" published by Dr. Issam KHALIFEH, on page 34).

Whereas, the history of Ain Akrine village was known before the nineteen century. In the report of parish visit, stored in the Maronit Patriarchal No 3 and dated 19th May 1932, was edited as following: "the construction had started since around 120 years". This earth was owned by the Shiite senators El Al Hajj youssef from Banihran village (a Shiite village in Cadaa Al Koura neighboring to Ain Akrine village, that there has been an ancient friendships), then was settled inside a group of the family El Khoury Ibrahim coming from Kfershakhna cause of an argument happened between brothers.